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Another driving season closes

I have not updated much on this site over the course of the summer, mainly because I haven’t done anything to the car aside from maintaining it to a high level as usual.  The car ran fine all summer long and I didn’t run into any problems from bumper to bumper.  I don’t really have any plans to make any changes with this car over the winter so I may just prepare it for storage later this month.  It sure seems like this was the shortest driving season I can remember and I think that this was due to a LONG winter and rainy pre-fall.  I did finally get a cool personalized blackout plate.

In the spring, I plan to change out the rear wheel bearings to take care of the all too common pinging noise when taking off from a stop.  That noise is getting very annoying.  I also am thinking about a refresh of the bushings with a set of polyesters but I am going to do some research to see if that is really the best direction to go with an otherwise stock streetcar.