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Cobra back on the road

I got the Cobra back from the shop today and everything turned out fine.  It was a little more than I expected but at least it is done and I had the money set aside from my tax refund.  The car has only been driven a few miles so I am going to take it easy during the break-in period.  It feels a little different and the effort to engage/release is less than I remember.  We’ll see how I like it but I can tell you it is nice and quiet now.  The obnoxious whine is gone and the actuation process is smooth and quiet like it should be.

The breakdown was as follows:

  • Clutch disc, pressure plate, pilot bearing and throwout bearing – Ford Racing $426.18
  • Exhaust studs replace broken $24.77
  • Exhaust nuts $24.94
  • Fluid – 4 quarts $28.00
  • Degreaser $6.95
  • Shipping $8.00
  • Resurface existing flywheel $90
  • Labor $414

The total ended up being $1105.33 after tax and shop fees.

I finished the job with an oil change.  I lucked out and found WalMart was putting Royal Purple synthetic oil on clearance so I was able to get 6 quarts for $35.00 and a K&N oil filter for $5.  After changing the oil, I put in my new shift knob.  It is a Ford Racing model that is a little bit bigger than the stock one so it will take some getting used to.

I can tell you one thing.  I have always taken pride in doing things myself to enjoy the satisfaction and cost savings.  This is one job I wish I could have done since labor was a big chunk of that cost.  At least I know it is done right and with a guarantee.