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Cold air induction system added

Cold air induction system added

I decided to add cold air induction to the Stingray to open up the breathing and give it a little more sound. I chose the aFe Power Momentum CAI since it is an easy installation and doesn’t require any mods to existing hoses in the car. It is supposed to add 18hp to the car, but who would really know anyway? When you are dealing with 460+ horsepower, you aren’t going to notice much difference. I was doing it for the cool factor alone. If I gain a few ponies, cool.

Installation is straightforward, but I did have a heck of a time wrestling the air box into place and getting it bolted to the inner fender opening. You have to squish the heck out of the rubber grommet to get the bolts started to seal it. Once I got that installed, the other piping had to be put together and bolted in with hose clamps. I learned a valuable lesson that it was way easier to start at the throttle body and work your way to the air box. It ends up being tough either way, but it was easier doing it that way.

After I got everything installed (an hour or so due to my self-induced difficulties), I took it for a drive and realized that the fans were running full blast and the oil temperature gauge wasn’t working. I drove home and realized that I had bumped the temperature sensor connection near the water pump during my previous difficulties getting the bolts started to attach the airbox to the inner fender. I connected that sensor again and all was well. The seat of the pants feel isn’t that noticeable, but the sound and throttle response is better.

Next will be Corsa axle-back exhaust that works with the NPP system Corvettes have to allow different sound modes. It will make the car what I want, which is mild to wild exhaust notes at the touch of a button.

I also gave my car a name as it begins the journey to more power. I had a couple of small decals printed (4″x.5″) to go in the quarter glass on each side. The image below isn’t quite right because it will be clear vinyl and a white outline around the lettering to make it stand out more. I think it will be cool.