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Fuel injector replacement

This article deals with removing and reinstalling your fuel injectors. This can be a great addition to your Turbo Regal since your existing injectors might be unable to provide sufficient volume . Bear in mind that I always recommend a fuel pump, adjustable fuel pressure regulator and a hotwire kit for anyone upgrading their Turbo Regal. You need to ensure adequate volume if you plan on turning up the wick with more boost.

Project Time:

About an hour.

Required tools:

10mm socket
15mm socket
Socket wrench
large flat blade screwdriver

  1. Disconnect the battery.
  2. Disconnect power to the fuel pump and start the car to relieve fuel pressure. The car will run for a bit and die.
  3. Take a soup can and depress the schrader valve in the fuel rail to relieve the remaining fuel pressure.
  4. Remove the coil pack assembly by using the 10mm socket on the bolt in the back of the pack. Then, remove the two 15mm bolts attaching the unit to the fuel rail
  5. Remove the fuel inlet line.
  6. Remove the fuel pressure regulator and set it aside.
  7. Remove any associated vacuum hoses
  8. Disconnect the fuel injector harness down by the coil pack mounting bay.
  9. Remove the four bolts holding the fuel rail in place.
  10. Remove throttle body linkages for the TV cable and throttle cable.
  11. Remove the injectors from the ports in the intake. It will take some wiggling and tugging, but the fuel rail and injectors should pop right out. You can use a large flat blade screwdriver to help pry them out.
  12. Lay the fuel rail down with the injectors pointing up. Remove the black clip and pull the electrical connector off of the injector
  13. Pop the injector out of the fuel rail.
  14. Repeat for the remaining five injectors.
  15. Lubricate the new injector’s o-rings with clean engine oil to aid in seating them.
  16. Pop the injectors into the fuel rail. Clip them in place with the clips you removed in step 12.
  17. Take the completed assembly to the car and set the fuel rail in place.
  18. Push each injector into the associated port on the intake making sure you get a nice clean install.
  19. Reattach the fuel rail bolts, throttle body linkages, vacuum hoses.
  20. Connect fuel injection wiring harness you removed in step 8.
  21. Mount the fuel line, fuel pressure regulator and coil pack assembly.
  22. Be very careful threading the inlet line into the fuel pressure regulator. If you cross thread this, you will be replacing the fuel line on the front of the engine and it is no fun. Ask me how I know this.
  23. Reconnect the battery.
  24. Turn the key to RUN and let the fuel pump pressurize the system. Check for leaks.
  25. Keep an eye on your fuel pressure regulator. If the pressure drops quickly, you might have pinched an o-ring.