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New brakes on the Honda S2000

When I bought my 2001 S2000 on May 11, 2018, I knew that it was going to need new brakes all around after 80k miles and unusual wear marks on the rear driver’s side rotor. I considered a lot of options like replacing the calipers with powder coated units and slotted rotors. After thinking through it a little bit more, I decided to remain as close to stock looking as I could get.

Out with the tatty and perished rotor.

I ended up buying Centric e-coated rotors for all four wheels and Stoptech sport pads:

  • CENTRIC 12040048 Premium Disc Front
  • CENTRIC 12040050 Premium Disc Rear
  • CENTRIC 30808290 (Performance (Improved Stopping Power)) StopTech Street Front
  • CENTRIC 30805372 (Performance (Improved Stopping Power)) StopTech Street Rear

It wasn’t a bad experience at all except for the fact that I had to drill out all of the screws holding the rotors on the hub. I couldn’t even budge them with an impact driver.  That was a bit of a faff.

I have been pretty happy with the smooth stopping power and they have already been tested as a result of bad drivers around here.

Result as Ant Anstead says.