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Oxygen Sensor on Tundra

Today the good old check engine light popped on while driving.  When I got home, I pulled out the code reader and pulled a code P0051 which is a bad 02 sensor on the upstream passenger side.  I went to Advance Auto to see how much they were and I was quite surprised that they were almost $80.  I remember replacing them on my turbo Buick every few years for less than $30.  Given that it isn’t an emergency, I went to Rockauto.com and picked up a Denso sensor for $42.  I already have an 02 sensor wrench so it should be a fairly easy job.


It is a fairly easy job but you do need an oxygen sensor socket and the arms/hands of a 10 year old to get it out of the vehicle.  The most painful part is the electrical connector.  I finally figured out it was easier to remove the female part of the connector from the metal mounting tab by the manifold and then squeezing the tab to release the male portion.  I used anti-seize on the new one, screwed it in place and then connected the electrical connection back in place.  I cleared the code with my scanner and it is time for a test drive to get the truck to operating temperature to see if it reads correctly.