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Products I Like to Use

  We all have products that we like to use in our every day car care regimens.  Things change over time but the end result is always a show winning shine with attention to detail.


carwashI used to use the Mr Clean Auto system that included a sprayer, non streaking soap and water filter cartridge.  It was the best thing since sliced bread but then they quit making it and I was left to go back to bucket washing.  For this, I prefer to use Meguiars Car Wash.  It is pretty good stuff and it gives a pretty good bucket of suds especially when used with soft water.  I always wash with soft water to help avoid streaking.  I also dry the car with a synthetic chamois because they are super absorbent and get the job done quite well.

Exterior Detailing

surfcityBetween full washes and after a once over with a California Car Duster, I absolutely love using Surf City Garage HotRod Protective Detailer.  It sprays on the car and a quick rub with a microfiber towel really gets the job done.  I then go over the whole car with a final buff using a clean microfiber towel just to make sure it is all smooth and even.  This is GREAT stuff and although it sounds like a lot of work, it is actually less than a full wash. I clean the rims and tailpipes with Invisible Glass cleaner.  It sounds weird but it does work wonders on chrome and polished metals.  Plus, you can get two jobs done by cleaning the windows with the same product.

Interior Detailing

iceI swear by Turtle Wax Ice Interior Detailer.  It cleans well and gives me exactly the look I want.  I don’t like a wet and shiny look and very much prefer a satin clean look.  This product does everything I want it to and it does it very well.  I like to finish off the interior with Invisible Glass to make sure the windows are spotless and clean.  I have found that using microfiber cloths work best with both products but from time to time I will go old school on the windows with newspaper since it does the job really well.