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Radenso installation

Radenso installation

I decided to purchase a lightly used Radenso Pro-M from a local Corvette club member. I bought the unit not because I speed a lot, but because it has built-in GPS so that it knows where speed cameras and traffic light cameras are. The radar detector can obviously see speed cameras without GPS, but not traffic light cameras that look for people running lights. Not that I do that either, but I am just saying. 🙂 My city uses these cameras as a money grab and I just don’t agree with it in any way.

I really do like the features of the Pro-M since you can take it to a computer and download firmware updates and updates to the camera database. This is definitely a plus if you are traveling in areas you are not familiar with and don’t see signs indicating speed is regulated with cameras. I drive my daily on the highway every day to work, so I really wanted this detector just in case.

I was able to also pick up a custom C7 mirror mount so that it sits just below the mirror. I also opted for a wiretap kit so that I could draw power from the mirror since I didn’t want a power cord hanging down to the power adapter next to the shifter. A clean look is important to me because I wanted it to look like it was part of the car and not an afterthought. As you can see below, the result ended up pretty darn good. I had to wrap the wire tap around the mount a few times to get the clean look I was after. I am very happy with the result and I didn’t break anything.

It has gone off a few times on the K band in the little time I have used it and I didn’t necessarily see any Kojaks with a Kodak.

I followed this video on Youtube for installation. It’s pretty straightforward.

Update: 11/15/2023

After using the Blendmount for the last few weeks, I am not that fond of it. It comes loose quite often even though I tighten the set screws gorilla tight. I have looked to make sure it is grabbing onto the right part of the mirror stem and it seems to be. It just seems like it wiggles loose and then either gets really crooked or falls off over time. I have to keep the hex bit in the car just in case.

I still like the clean appearance, but I could do without having to remount it every week. Of all the things that could go wrong with wiretapping, this is the problem? 🙂